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Inter Chaipattana Plastic Co., Ltd was found by Mr.Kampol Tangboonchaicharoen in 1960. At that time, Thai people had limited knowledge about plastics and its applications. However, Mr. Kampol knew that plastic products will be widely used and will gradually improve the standard of living for Thai people because plastic is a material that is inexpensive and can be developed to be used in many industries. "Black Cat" plastic straw was the first product we manufacture which is clean and affordable than paper tube. After that, we expand to manufacture plastic bags, plastic rope, plastic basket, and other plastic products.

Future Plan

Inter Chaipattana Plastic Co., Ltd has been manufacturing plastic products for more than 50 years. Extrusion blowing and injection molding plastic manufacturing are two type of production systems that we are specialized in. We determine to develop and manufacture quality products to the world market. Currently, we are the leading manufacturer for plastic products in Thailand especially plastic ropes. Our clients are multinational companies, factories, retailers, and agricultural plantations both in Thailand and other countries; for example, EU, Middle East, and Asian countries. Our next goal is to be 'The leading manufacturer in packaging industry in Thailand'.